Holland Point Preserve

License Information and Requirements


A Maryland resident will need a Resident Hunting License which allows you to hunt all legal game birds and mammals in season without the need for additional stamps, except: (1) deer during bow season; (2) deer during muzzleloader season; and (3) migratory game birds.
2. There are two types on Nonresident Hunting Licenses:
a. A full season license allows nonresidents of Maryland to hunt all legal game with same conditions as Resident Hunting License. Applicants must furnish a clear copy of either their driver’s license or voters registration card to establish state of residency.
b. 3 day Waterfowl and Small Game license which allows a nonresident to hunt all legal game in season for three consecutive legal hunting days except deer and turkey. A migratory Game Bird Stamp must also be purchased to hunt migratory game birds.
3. There is a Regulated Shooting Area Special License, which allow the hunting of pen-reared quail, pheasants, chukar partridge, turkeys and mallard ducks on a regulated shooting area only. This license is not required if you have a Maryland resident or nonresident hunting license.
4. There is a Maryland Migratory Game Bird Stamp, which must be purchased, in addition to a hunting license, by everyone who hunts waterfowl, doves, rails, coots, snipe or woodcock.
5. A Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp must also be purchased by persons 16 years of age or older to hunt waterfowl.

For additional information about license information and prices, visit the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website: www.dnr.state.md.us
Local establishments authorized to sell licenses in Maryland are:

Lewis Grocery
10421 Hudson Road
Cambridge, MD 21613

Opens at 4:30 am

Wal-Mart Stores East, LP
2775 Dorchester Square
Cambridge, Md 21613
Opens at 7:00 am
Closes at 9:00 pm

Woolford Country Store
1614 Taylors Island Road
Woolford, Md 21677
Opens at 7:00 am
Closes at 8:00 pm

Taylors Island Family Campground
156 Bayshore Drive
Taylors Island, Md 21669
Opens at 7:00 am Saturdays; 11:00 am all other
Angler's Sport Center
1456 Whitehall Road
Annapolis, Md 21401
(Exit 30 off of route 50 just before the Bay Bridge)
Opens at 5:00 am
Closes at 9:00 pm

What You Will Need

Shotguns (12 gauge recommended)
duck (#4-5 shot, steel shot only)
pheasant (#6 shot)
License and stamps
Camouflage and warm clothing
Cooler (if you wish to take game home)
Rain Gear
Boots (chest waders and/or hip boots)
Red hat or vest for pheasant, quail, or partridge