Holland Point Preserve
Historically, the Eastern Shore of Maryland has been a paradise for hunters and fishermen. Through proper and aggressive wildlife and game management, by Barry Smith, farm manager, Holland Point Farm is considered one of the Eastern Shore's finest Regulated Shooting Areas (RSA). An RSA is a state regulated preserve that permits the owner to raise and release birds (duck, pheasant, partridge, quail). Starting with dove in September and continuing in October through March with duck (Mallard, Teal, Pintail, Wood), goose, pheasant, partridge, quail, and deer – getting one's limit is the rule rather than the exception. As an RSA we are permitted to control bag limits for released birds. For released pheasant, our operation is not the normal "put and take" of other preserves. We release birds year-round so your hunts are more exciting and challenging.

Located off the Chesapeake Bay with one and one-half miles of shoreline, there are six natural and man-made ponds with corn and milo fields planted to attract plentiful waterfowl. Select forest areas are also cleared for hunters and dogs, along with natural untouched forests of pine, oak, holly and spruce, providing excellent cover for wild turkey and trophy Sika and Whitetail deer. Blinds and stands are strategically located throughout the farm to aid you in your hunting experience.

Hunters may walk or be driven to the blinds and fields – our experienced guides managing the hunt to ensure a challenging, exciting, successful, yet safe adventure.

A morning in the field can end with a delicious lunch or continue into the afternoon. Many hunters, however, choose to spend the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the beauty of their surroundings while discussing the day's big event.

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