Holland Point Preserve
  "You surely know how to do a great hunt. I felt I was back on my Taylor Hill Farm in Audubon, Iowa."

Ambassador Charles E. Manett
Founding Partner, Mannet, Phelps & Phillips
Washington, D.C.

  "The experience was awesome. Incredible surroundings and a challenging hunt with world class guides and host."

Jonathan Mudd
Sr. Vice President, The Motley Fool
Alexandria, Virginia
  "Fabulous! Great fun! Wonderful comradery."

Donald Dell
Chairmans Office, Sports & Media Director
Clear Channel Communications
Washington, D.C.
  "Beyond all expectation! I found both the lodge and hunting provided the best waterfowling experience of my life."

Kimberly Kelly
Canterbury, Connecticutt
-Partner, Outdoor Hunt Design Group
-Sporting clay competitive shooter
  "Best combination of waterfowl and upland bird hunting on the Eastern shore-set off with a magnificent hunting lodge."

Tommy Boggs
Top Washington, D.C. lobbyist and RSA owner
Patton Boggs
Washington, D.C.
  "Wanted to tell you how enjoyable our hunt was. The facility is great, the guides were very courteous even to those of us who miss hitting their target. We had a great time, see you next year."

Levi Ruark
Chairman, President & CEO, The National Bank of Cambridge
Cambridge, Maryland