Holland Point Preserve


Holland Point Farm offers a unique, elegant setting for corporate retreats of 6 people or more, small weddings, large lawn parties and vacation rentals for 2 to 14 people. The expansive lawn that overlooks the bay lends itself to large gatherings of up to 80 that can be tented as well as catered. Executive sessions can be conducted in the tower room with its 360 degree view high above the surrounding shoreline, or in the great room with only the beautiful decor to distract. If weather permits, the patio and screened porch frequently entice guests outside. During the afternoon, small niches can be found throughout the Lodge for private talks, whereas the larger areas comfortably accommodate up to 14 individuals.

Being close to nature provides an environment conducive to listening, learning and reviewing. Management teams can set goals and plan for the future. Speakers cannot help but be inspired as they share thoughts and guidance for your group.

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For more wedding information and rates, please contact us at info@hollandpointpreserve.com.


– Meals and food can be cooked onsite or catered locally and delivered by 2 different restaurants within a 4 mile drive.
– The Lodge sleeps up to 12-14 comfortably, with five bedrooms - all with private baths.
– Corporate retreats and meeting accommodations for up to 12.


During your visit to Holland Point, time off from your meetings can be filled with nature walks, kayaking, crabbing, chartered fishing trips or cruises to various points of interest along the Chesapeake Bay. Solomon's Island, Tilghman Island and other sights are all within reasonable distances. Please contact us at info@hollandpointpreserve.com for rate and availability information for these specific services.


For rate information about Holland Point Farm duck and pheasant hunting, please click here. Also available for hunting are deer (bow, black powder, rifle), wild turkey, quail and partridge. Please contact us for rates and season information.

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